To us at GearLimits, summer vacation is a period in which we can do even more of the great action and outdoor sports than normal. We’be been hitting trails, climbing through canyons, been camping at great spots, snorkeling, diving and so on. And obviously we haven’t done that without some great gear to test.

We’ve been filming quite a lot, brought 111GB back home, and we’re plowing through all the footage as we speak. So a lot of  upcoming reviews of (amongst others) the following gear:

  • TomTom Bandit
  • POC: VPD.20 DH Kneepads, VPD 2.0 Spine Vest, Trabec Helmet and DO Blade Raceday goggles
  • Garmin Fenix 3
  • CaseLogic Kontrast Action Cam Bag
  • CarePlus water filter
  • Keen Newport Sandals
  • Pearl Izumi MTB shorts

And more. So we’ve got our work cut out for us this simmer vacation 😉  Keep tuned to see what’s coming.


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