Berghaus was the first company to introduce GORE-TEX to Europe, in 1977. 40 years later and the partnership between the two brands is as strong as ever. The new range includes more Colourkind™ products and extensions to the Berghaus and GORE-TEX® custom lamination range, with exclusive developments, including fully featured jackets designed specifically for hikers.

Sustainability continues to be a focus in all Berghaus product development and by spring/summer 2017, 42% of apparel in the collection will carry the Made Kind label, signifying that it has been developed using a sustainable fabric or production method.

Berghaus introduced the water and chemical saving Colourkind™ dyeing process for wovens in 2015 and has since expanded its use to knits and the face fabric of GORE-TEX products. By the end of spring/summer 2017, the company anticipates that the growth of Colourkind™ in the range will mean that cumulative savings will be 9 million litres of water and 30,000 tonnes of CO2.

Berghaus Colourkind™ is a fabric dyeing technology that is kinder to the environment, with a particular focus on water. Compared with regular processes, Berghaus Colourkind™ fabric dyeing uses fewer stages, resulting in savings of 89% in water usage, 63% fewer chemicals used, and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. This is done by adding colour to the nylon chips before they are extruded into fibres, which also results in a higher quality fabric with improved colour fastness.

Working closely with GORE-TEX®, Berghaus has now used this ground-breaking technology to bring a new waterproof fabric innovation to the outdoor market. Exclusive to Berghaus, Colourkind™ partnered with GORE-TEX is a new fabric that is 100% waterproof, while also being kinder to the environment. The fabric combines a waterproof and breathable 2L GORE-TEX membrane with a 40 denier ripstop nylon Colourkind™ face.


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