Casio extends the range of Pro Trek Smartwatches for outdoor enthusiasts with the WSD-F21HR. The brand new model is water-resistant up to fifty meters and the construction even meets the military standards of the United States; ideal for mountain climbing, outdoor trekking and even diving. But that’s not all. The WSD-F21HR is equipped with a heart rate monitor, which allows its wearer to adjust his pace while running optimally, trail running or cycling. Moreover, the watch supports offline colour cards – useful for athletes who like to look up the unknown.

Follow an unknown route without any problems

Thanks to the new functions of the WSD-F21HR, wearers are constantly informed of their physical condition, and thanks to the offline maps they can follow unknown routes without any problems. Besides, Running and Trail Running menus have been added to the activity app of the smartwatch that shows live data. The user can choose which information the app displays – such as heart rate, speed or distance, but also barometric pressure and an altitude transition graph. Up to four screens can be set in advance, between which it is easy to change while walking or cycling. This way, the desired information is always within reach.

First heart rate monitor in a Pro Trek Smartwatch

The WSD-F21HR also includes a new heart rate watch face. The new model is equipped with an optical sensor that measures the heart rate with a flashing LED light on the wrist. As soon as the WSD-F21HR detects movement, the watch automatically switches to the new heart rate display thanks to an optical sensor. By setting the maximum and resting heart rate, the current fitness and training results can be displayed on this screen in five levels. The target intensity can be checked on the heart rate zone screen so that the user can determine the ideal heart rate for the target workout or the current fitness level.

Like other PRO TREK Smart models, the WSD-F21HR is suitable for Google App services, the ViewRanger trekking app, the BIKEMAP bike app, the STRAVA app, and other outdoor sports apps that are compatible with Wear OS by Google.

The WSD-F21HR is available from September for a suggested retail price of € 499 and can be purchased at selected CASIO outlets and online.


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