This spring/summer Fjällräven pays homage to one of the most iconic items in their collection: The Greenland Jacket. For the new Greenland collection, Fjällräven has returned to where it all started: Greenland. The Swedish outdoor brand has in particular documented the work of two climate scientists in the hope of inspiring a whole new generation to withdraw nature, to enjoy nature and to respect it. Read more about this special research below.

An important mission

Greenland is one of the areas where climate change is already clearly visible. About 80 percent of the world’s largest island is covered with a permanent ice cap that reflects solar rays and moderates the temperature on earth.

“I think climate change is the biggest and most important issue of our generation, and if we did not act 10 years ago, it would be ideal – I think we are going through some drastic changes that have massive effects on the whole world”, says PhD student Gabriel Lewis.

Together with Master’s student Karina Graeter, he is part of a group of climate scientists working together on the improvement of climate measurement models at Greenland. “Spreading this research is the biggest challenge,” says Karina. “If people understand science, they will be more motivated to make the changes that have to be made. And this is where Fjällräven can make her contribution. “

Respect for nature

The link with Greenland goes back more than 50 years when Fjällräven provided the equipment for the tents and backpacks for a group of Scandinavian alpinists and researchers. It was this expedition to Greenland that inspired founder Åke Nordin to develop the Greenland Jacket, made from G1000 and Greenland Wax. In 1968 Fjällräven’s first coat was introduced and named after the expedition.

With the return to Greenland Fjällräven hopes to inspire more people to enjoy nature. And by meeting the scientists who are working here, the outdoor brand wants to highlight the changes in the climate from the perspective of the island. Fjällräven considers sustainability to be of paramount importance.

With this in mind, the Swedish brand opts for the use of sustainable raw materials, works continuously to improve their production processes and to reduce the consumption of water, energy and chemicals. For example, fluorocarbons (PFCs) were completely removed from the production process in 2015, and the use of organic and recycled materials is continuously being expanded. The new Greenland collection has been improved with sustainable material choices such as G1000 Eco (recycled polyester and organic cotton) and PFC free EcoShell.

Greenland Ecoshell Jacket

A highlight of the spring/summer collection is the Greenland EcoShell Jacket. This jacket is made from the fluorocarbon-free and wear-resistant EcoShell material that is waterproof and breathable. With a modern look, the jacket will be guaranteed to become a new icon.

Greenland Eco-Shell Jacket

Retail price: € 499,95

Greenland Eco-Shell Jacket

Retail price: € 499,95


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