Next-level SUP-ing … It’s been a long time since SUP-ing was a hype; it has become a serious water sport. And as with serious sports SUP boards are constantly improving.  Kevin Fitzke from Minneapolis USA has also been pitching in. He gives a whole new twist to the stand-up paddleboard. With his company Fitzke Boards, he designed the Bootlegger. And it’s made from mahogany plywood. Sustainability has been considered. The Bootlegger SUP is built with less than 10% solid wood. To achieve ultimate gloss, the board gets a triple sanding. The paint job is done by hand.

1968 Riva Aquarama with the Lamborghini 350 GT. Foto: Maurice Volmeyer

Fitzke drew inspiration for the Bootlegger Fitzke from the designs of aircraft and wood boats from the early twenties. When I saw the Bootlegger, it reminded me of the Riva boats immediately.

The deck has two ergonomic 5mm thick SeaDek pads for comfort and control. At the front is the Bootlegger has a storage compartment. Ideal for storing your flip-flops, lunch box, water combat kit … whatever. The storage compartment is equipped with a waterproof box where you can stash your smartphone in.

Because I could not find the price on his site, I asked Kevin himself:

I sell the board for $3900 and they are each built to order. Each board takes about 5 weeks to produce. It’s just myself that designs and builds the boards.

So how does it preform? Unfortunately I can’t say so much about that. We have not been able to try the ‘Bootlegger’ yet 😉

But, we always have the pictures.



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