Thule will launch in 2019 hydration packs, specially designed for trail riding and enduro racing; the Thule Rail and Thule UpTake.

Thule Rail

Thule Rail hydration backpacks are designed for the downhill and enduro riders. With extra attention to the prevention of shifting the backpack when jumping or taking fast turns, even on an extreme course. Thanks to the ReTrakt system with the magnetic hose you can drink completely ‘hands-free’. The supplied 2.5L HydraPak reservoir has a seal that prevents leaks and is easy to clean.

Thanks to different attachment points, you can easily take your helmet, protective pieces or your detachable chin. Side pockets low on the back ensure that you can easily access your food, a tool or your phone, without having to take off your backpack or stop. The Thule Rail 8L and Thule Rail 12L offer more than enough storage space for extra food, clothing and tools. Inside pockets with zipper provide extra protection for your phone, keys or other small items. The removable Koroyd back protector provides extra protection.

Thule UpTake

Thule UpTake is an all-around, versatile hydration pack for every situation. This line also has the integrated ReTrakt magnetic hose system. This keeps your attention and your eyes on the path. The 2.5L Hydrapak reservoir does not leak thanks to a unique valve and is easy to keep clean.

With a sleek design and plenty of storage space, the Thule UpTake is perfect for cycling, hiking or severe hikes in the mountains. With pockets on the outside for quick access and large inner pockets for sufficient storage space.

Thule UpTake 4L is the most compact model in the collection, but still offers plenty of storage options. Lightweight materials and a mesh back panel provide extra comfort under all temperatures.

The Thule UpTake 8L has all the features of the 4L version but with adjustable shoulder straps and a back panel made of perforated foam for extra cooling and comfort. The integrated waist belt provides extra stability. The Thule UpTake 12L has extra storage options in the form of a box that can be enlarged to provide space for a coat or gloves.

In the Thule UpTake collection, there is also a hydration backpack especially for young people aged 8-12. The Thule UpTake Youth also features the ReTrakt magnetic hose system, along with a 1.75L Hydrapak reservoir. With 6L of space, this hydration pack also offers sufficient space for an extra sweater or jacket and other small items.

Thule Rail and Thule UpTake come in different colours and sizes and are available from March 2019.


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