If you manage to make a coat that can glow like kryptonite, then you must be dealing in top-notch technology. Vollebak certainly has risen to that occasion! A jacket made of “highly responsive” material that can be charged by exposure to virtually every light source, from the sun to your smartphone flashlight. The Solar Charged jacket has a waterproof membrane that absorbs light during the day to deliver luminescence in the dark.

Minimalist design

The Solar Charged Jacket is completely waterproof. All seams feature specially designed transparent tape so the glow can be seen over the entire jacket.

The hood and waistband feature elastic strings. The jacket has a waterproof zipper fitted with a storm flap for extra protection. The cuffs are laser cut and fit well. On the back, the jacket has a waterproof bag for your smartphone, wallet or keys.

The jacket is waterproof, stretch, lightweight (230 grams) and costs € 325,-

Video: Solar Charged Jacket 24 hours in the forest

The fastest way to charge the Solar Charged Jacket is sunlight. Vollebak hung 24 hours in the forest to show what happened.


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