Fjällräven has renewed her Keb collection. The Keb clothing is widely applicable for many winter activities; about snow, ice, rocks or mud. The Keb collection is Fjälrävens most technical clothing. The new technologies provide better adaptability to every weather condition, every landscape and every activity. The collection is becoming ever more flexible, in the literal sense of the word. New stretchable materials result in greater freedom of movement in an already advanced collection. Fjällräven really believes that bad weather does not exist, only bad clothes. With the updated Keb collection adventures in nature are warmer, drier, safer and more comfortable.

De Keb Touring collection

The new Keb Touring jacket and trousers are designed for winter conditions such as skiing and cross-country skiing. The jacket and trousers are the perfect combination when it comes to windproof, robust and warm clothing. Exactly what is needed for challenging, winter adventures in difficult terrain. The new weather-resistant stretch fabric – which is heavier and stronger than that of the previous Keb products – contains a double weave construction, which transports and ventilates moisture.

KEB Touring Jack

The jacket has a hood, which fits over a helmet, offers unlimited freedom of movement and large pockets on the chest and upper arm. It is, therefore, an ideal jacket for climbing and glacier tours, situations where a harness and helmet are essential. On the side of the jacket, there are ventilation zips, so that it does not get too hot during a difficult climb over uneven and steep terrain. A mobile phone can be stored safely, thanks to a sturdy inner pocket.

KEB Touring Pant

The pants are as thoughtful as the jackets. Thus, the freedom of movement is at least as important as the abrasion resistance and the protection against, among other things, sharp stones. That is why the pants have a wear-resistant seat, and the knees are pre-formed and provided with extra strong seams. In addition, the pipes are reinforced at the bottom with a double layer of fabric to prevent wear by walking shoes. To prevent further wear, the inside hem has been removed and replaced with fabric in one piece. The pants fit over a ski boot. Of course, there is also a ventilation zipper on the outside of both legs for everyone who wants to enjoy themselves on steep slopes.


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