The American brand ECOlunchbox wants to offer an alternative to the plastic lunch packaging. Just like Dopper did for the plastic bottles. We are entirely behind this as GearLimits.

Get rid of disposable and plastic! That is the motto of the American brand ECOlunchbox that is with its stainless steel lunch boxes and snack boxes. The reusable stainless steel lunch boxes also encourage a healthier lunch. The time that you always bought a sandwich on the way to work or school seems to be over. Prepared and, above all, varied, the lunch meals of today.

ECO lunchbox offers various stainless steel lunch boxes and snack boxes, in all shapes and sizes. They are plastic, vinyl, PVC, BPA and lead-free and therefore do not contain toxic substances. All products are unbreakable and can be placed in the dishwasher and oven (not in the microwave).

There are two versions; the Standard and the Giant and cost respectively: € 35.95 & € 49.95.


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