The Norwegian sportswear brand Odlo comes with a new spring 2020 collection. In times of COVID-19 hiking is a nice escape from the intense reality. Of course, with a maximum of two people and 1.5 meters away. Get out in the greatest conditions with sportswear that has several layers but is still comfortable and dry in all weather conditions.

Odlo spring collection is introduced with the Dual Dry technology. Very breathable, lightweight fabrics that are also well spent against a spicy spring mood.
Last year there was a ‘fast & light’ concept. Dual dry is a further development as a new technique.


But what is the exact difference and what makes Odlo’s clothing so special? Easy. The Jack is waterproof without breaking your sweat and overheating. Dual Dry Water Resistant jacket is very light. It is a windbreaker of Pertex-fabric that provides excellent ventilation and also ensures that the sweat is removed if you brave the hills in the south of the Netherlands, or if you step through the day with your fit. Thirty-three grams per square meter, which makes it super easy to fold. Ready? Go, Super easy to carry, it can be carried in your pocket. When you walk with the jacket, it feels like you are moving air over your body because the weight is negligible, but it still ensures that you retain just enough body heat.

Special fibres

As the inventor of the three-layer principle, Odlo is always innovating in the field of clothing, since polos and shirts are now also made from wood fibres. These wood fibres come from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry. This ensures that the fabric is soft with various properties such as proper moisture management and antibacterial properties. This gives the perfect ventilation, comfort and freshness you need to take long beautiful walks and forget what time we live now!

Both men and women FLI Dual Dry Water Resistant jacket costs € 150, –


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