The lightweight running jacket Vaporkrar-2 from Nathan is designed in collaboration with ultramarathon runner Rob Krar. The men’s vest is optimally breathable and fits perfectly to the upper body. The front pockets are provided with two soft 600 ml soft flask bottles with an extended drinking tube for easy drinking on the go.

The storage space at the front is large enough for a plus-sized smartphone. The adjustable straps at the height of the breastbone give maximum flexibility. At the rear, there is a large pocket with a compartment on the inside for a 1.5 L water reservoir. The various storage bags are easily accessible for bars or gels on the road. The total storage space is 4 litres. Reflective details ensure 360-degree visibility.

Hydration plan

Dehydration is the leading cause of injuries during training. Your body consists of 65% water, so everyone from beginners to professional runner needs a hydration plan to perform well and recover faster. The Nathan Vaporkrar-2 running vest is then your ideal buddy.

The Nathan Vaprokrar-2 4L is available at outdoor and sports stores and web shops. Colour: Slate Gray. Weight without vials: 207 g, with bottles: 306 g.


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