Last Tuesday, October 16, the Amsterdam company One Shell achieved the necessary investment in less than two hours via Kickstarter. An idea from the Dutchman Jaap Vriesendorp, who lived in Singapore. He practised various outdoor activities, such as sailing, climbing and skiing, and was therefore faced with multiple activities and weather conditions. A different jacket for every sport and trip. A sin of the money, and besides, he had to carry them everywhere. Moreover, he also felt guilty because he already had all the stuff in the Netherlands. There was no ‘real’ allround jacket, and so he decided to design one himself.

The One Shell

The One Shell consists of 3 layers. The two inner layers can be worn together with the outer layer by a modular system that uses zippers. But these inner layers can also be worn without a jacket. This means that you have a 5 in 1 jacket.

The outer layer, The One, is made of Dyneema and has an eVent membrane. This combination makes the jacket extremely breathable (50 gm2 / 24hr), light (230g), strong (15x stronger than steel), packable (fits in a bag of 25 × 12 cm) and waterproof (15k-20k mm). Dyneema is a material that comes from the high tech sailing of America’s Cup sailing race. Dyneema (also called ‘the greenest strength’ or ‘the world’s strongest fibre’) is developing enormously. It also functions as the material for the ropes in the Ocean Cleanup.

The first inner layer, The Hybrid is made of Polartec Alpha and has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating which makes it water-repellent. Polartec Alpha is a material developed for the US Special Forces and is extremely breathable while still providing heat. This layer is made for intensive activity. Also, the material is extremely fast drying. Jump with this layer in the water, run around for 10 minutes, and you’re dry again.

The second inner layer, The Freeze is made of insulating material and synthetic down. Both fabrics come from Primaloft. In addition, we use Aerogel technology. This technology, developed by NASA, gives the jacket about 50% more heat for the same weight. This layer is made for extreme cold. This layer also has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating which makes it water-repellent.

I think it is superfluous to say that I am looking forward to reviewing it !!




Price (eur)

Outer layer

The One


Inner layer

The Hybrid


Inner layer

The Freeze


Outer layer and 1 inner layer

The Essential


Outer layer and 2 inner layers

The Complete


Tested by athletes

The One Shell has been thoroughly tested in cooperation with top rowers, triathletes, sprinters, climbers, kiters, sailors and skiers.


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