You can recognise them by the round hole in the blade, designed to easily open the pocket knife one hand, the blades from Spyderco. New is the Spyderco Caribbean C217 with a blade shaped blade made of LC200N stainless steel that is full flat. Ideal for sailors and sailors who need a pocket knife that is resistant to seawater.

Saltwater accelerates rust formation. The LC200N steel of the Caribbean is very corrosion-resistant and hard and therefore extremely resistant to seawater. Spyderco is innovative when it comes to new steel types and revolutionary designs.

The handle of this beautifully executed pocket knife is made of yellow and black laminated G-10 that contrasts the colours and provides a good grip. The knife is provided with a practical clip.

The Spyderco Caribbean C217 costs € 271.95 and is available at outdoor stores.


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