Jetboil has introduced the new MicroMo. This is a stove with a cup for efficient cooking on the go. The MicroMo is a light cooking system that offers great control over the cooking process. The stove is equipped with piezo ignition and windshield. Jetboil promises that even in strong winds the burner will remain on, even at simmer level. The stove can also be used in cold weather – up to -6 ° C.

The compact Jetboil MicroMo is designed to be stable and easy to carry. You slide the stove and the gas cartridge into the cup, and you are ready to go. Ideal for individual hikers, anglers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The MicroMo comes with a lightweight 0.8 litre FluxRing® cooking cup and a transparent lid with spout and sieve. The efficient cooking system handles the fuel more efficiently and delivers more cooking hours with the same amount of gas. The powerful stove takes about 2.5 minutes to bring half a litre of water to the boil. With a gas can of one hundred grams, you can cook a total of 12 litres of water.

The retail price is € 99.95


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