At sunset in front of the camper van, on the porch or around the campfire – with its wide seat and a high back rest, Helinox Chair Two Rocker gets portable comfort swinging. Clever feature: When a steady stand is desired, the two supplied rocking feet can easily be detached in no time.

Helinox has modified its classic Chair One to create Chair Two, giving it a wider seat and a higher backrest. The rocking feet can easily be attached to this chair’s regular legs without breaking a sweat. Their long rear end prevents falling over backwards and guarantees relaxed rocking – anywhere, anytime.

A provided zippered packing bag can quickly be transformed into a comfortable head rest. Simply by placing a rolled up towel inside of it the bag serves as an outdoors cushion.

The frame of Chair Two Rocker is made of high-quality TH72M aluminum by DAC. As with all Helinox products, it is anodized environmentally friendly and provides maximum durability. Elastic bands run inside the poles. They pull the frame into the correct position almost automatically during setup. This makes assembling the chair super easy and an almost satisfying experience.

Chair Two Rocker is available at a recommended retail price of 190 Euros. Without rocking feet, it is available for 130 Euro.


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