Sometimes you will find a camping spot where you want to stay longer. Good sleep is and remains essential. An excellent solution for this is the Disc-O-Bed, a bunkable field bed. Easy to use and easy to assemble without tools.

lock-in disc system

Disc-O-Bed, the leader in providing bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system for the demands of disaster relief, troop deployment and outdoor enthusiasts, offers a versatile and mobile sleep solution for adults and children, young and old. Featuring a patented lock-in disc system, Disc-O-Bed, combines functionality and comfort to transform into individual cots, stackable bunk beds or a bench.

“Our Disc-O-Bed XL is perfect for stress-free camping trips, overnight stays, sleepovers, family vacations when you have cramped or not enough sleeping arrangements,” said Douglas Owen, co-owner of the family owned business. “We are most proud of the relationship we hold with the US military and disaster relief organizations for over 25 years”, he added.

The no-tool assembly, patented lock-in disc system can be configured as a bunk, a sitting bench or two single cots, and does not require a mattress. With no mid beam, the hygienic, machine-washable polyester sleeping deck conforms to your body shape for contoured comfort, and is tough to prevent ripping or tearing. The steel frame adjusts to uneven ground with a weight tolerance of 227kg per single cot.

Each package includes two individual cots for a variety of setups and packs down into its own zippered, carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. Convenient add-on accessories, such as footpads and matching side organizers, are also available for quick and neat storage of personal belongings within arm’s reach.

Disc-O-Bed L

Retail-price: € 359,90

Disc-O-Bed XL

Retail-price: € 379,90


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