Casio has been in a lot of activity in recent years. Now they come with a new addition to the PRO TREK Smart series for outdoor activities: the WSD-F30. The new, leaner model offers offline maps and GPS logging for up to three consecutive days. Besides, it is water resistant up to fifty meters, complies with the military standard for environmental influences, is compatible with Wear OS by Google and has GPS. Its predecessors are the WSD-F10 and WSD-F20 which have already won many outdoor and other users thanks to the wearable folder function.

Extend Mode for using offline colour charts

The new WSD-F30 is equipped with the Extend Mode function, which allows the use of offline colour cards and GPS up to three consecutive days without having to charge the watch in between. In Extend Mode, the monochrome screen continuously displays useful time and measurement values. With one press of a button, you bring the colour chart into view. Also, Extend Mode saves energy by switching the operating system to the energy-saving standby mode based on predetermined settings. The watch also ensures optimal battery management based on the planned activities, allowing the user to track his or her current location on the offline map and register routes for longer than one day.

New and improved dual-layer display

The WSD-F30 features a new and enhanced dual-layer monochrome and colour display. The new colour screen has an OLED screen that shows the maps and data in more detail. The layout of the monochrome display, not only shows the time, but also the atmospheric pressure/height and compass direction: perfect addition to the PRO TREK outdoor gear brand. The new model also has a Multi Timepiece Mode – an improvement of the popular Timepiece Mode – which only shows the time on the monochrome screen when the smartphone communication and the colour screen are switched off. In addition to time, the Multi Timepiece Mode on the monochrome display shows measured values ​​such as altitude and atmospheric pressure, while the battery, like its predecessor, still lasts for a month. This feature provides useful information for outdoor activities and also saves energy.

Smaller, slimmer case for more wearing comfort

A reclassification of the internal components has resulted in a cupboard that is 3.9 millimetres narrower and 0.4 millimetres thinner than that of its predecessor – for a more compact profile that also fits well around the smaller wrist. Thanks to the nano treatment, the plastic bezel has a metallic shine and a luxurious appearance. The band has also been improved and therefore even more flexible, and has more holes for a better fit.

Available from January 2019 and costs 549 euros


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