The Rubytec keychain torch Kao Nature Leaf gets its energy from the sun just like a real leaf. If the sunlight is out of the picture for a while, it can also be charged by swinging the lever on the side. By turning one minute, you have three minutes of light. Besides Leaf, the new Kao series has three other natural prints: Water, Wood and Sunrise.

The flashlight with solar panel is very popular and reliable: many emergency services today rely on the Rubytec Kao as emergency lighting. With this keychain flashlight, you are never without light.

The lightweight mini-bag with two LEDs does not require batteries. With the handy clip, you hook it easily to your belt loop or a bunch of keys. Or on your backpack, because then the battery will also recharge during the walk.

The Rubytec Kao Nature is available from the outdoor specialist. The flashlight is available in seven primary colours including a glow-in-the-dark version and four natural prints: Leaf, Water, Wood and Sunrise. The Rubytec Kao Nature costs 7.95 and is available at Bever.


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