Holy flying feets Batman, you’ve got competition. In this case the 43-year-old Arnaud Longobardi who decides to embark a moving cable car the hard way.

A lot of planning went into this stunt, having to take off and timing his flight to the moment that the angle and position of the cable car was perfect to enter.

Longobardi described the challenge: “For this to be possible would require the glider to actually stall as I entered the door. At 200 meters from the cable car I was traveling at 80kph. From that point, I had to make a very controlled deceleration to 35 kph – the precise speed where the glider would stall and collapse – at one meter from the cable car and my momentum would carry me in. If I stalled before reaching the door – disaster.”

Arnaud’s support team included: Inside the cable car Rudy Cassan (cameraman) Patrick Emoniere (mountain guide) Alain Coste (cable car driver) Guillaume Bocquet (cameraman) On the cable car roof Jean René Gayvallet (mountain guide) On ground: Freddy Montigny (cameraman) Gilbert Genoud (cameraman) Stephane Gautier (photographer) Jean Pierre Veillard (Head of Le Brévènt ski station) Julien Millot (Coordinator) In the air: Marc Bourdelle (speed rider) Sponsor: SENA Bluetooth System To find out more about Arnaud Longobardi, check out www.longo-spots.com Speed Flyer Lands In Moving Cable Car, And That’s Not Even The Gnarliest Part | EpicTV Choice Cuts


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