…and we can’t wait to get it underway asap. The first fresh snow has already fallen and we are eager to share our first experiences in the snow with you.

Our riders

And this time we will not go alone! We are strengthened by two top boarders, Seb Jam and Dees Hetzenauer, who bring many years of driving experience and test experience to the table. Together with them, we will really put our review boards through their paces.

Our Snowboard line-up

From 8-12 November we will go back to the mountains to review a beautiful lineup of snowboards. We’re taking boards from Bataleon, Jones, K2, Never Summer, Nitro and Salomon along with us to the Stubaier Glacier. The focus will be on the all-mountain / freeride category of snowboards: the kind of board that lets you really ride the whole mountain.
Through these reviews, you as a snowboard enthusiast will get a good idea of what choices and options there for you to choose from when looking for your own perfect snowboard. That’s why we’ve gone for mix of the larger, well known but also less well-known brands, bringing both men and women’s boards with us.

What are you going to see?

Soon after we get back, in November and December, we will publish our reviews one by on GearLimits.com. Obviously, the reviews will be packed with everything you need to know about the boards and what our experience with them was. And because of the riders we have along, you can count on soon very cool footage of some high-level shredding.

So stay tuned!

Powering the Stoke!
Many thanks for the extra support to Frosty Snowboarding, Jones Snowboards, Salomon Snowboards, Nitro Snowboards, Stubai and Thule


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