It is only a few weeks ago that ultra-runner and adventure racer Wouter Huitzing ran the 498 km of the Pieterpad in a record time of 4 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 10 seconds. This Guinness Book of Records Fastest Known Time attempt is now under review with the Guiness Book for approval.

An incredible achievement that we will soon be discussing with Wouter. But the planning of our interview had to wait. Because today he is packing his gear to head off to the Dragons Back Race in Wales starting Monday the 20th of may.

The Dragons Back Race is a 5-day race where the runners run 315km and 15,500 in five days. And that over extreme terrain.

This year more than 450 runnersare participating, and after a 16th place in the 2017 edition (where he participated for the first time), Wouter is aiming for a top 10 ranking this time. If you want to know more about Wouter and this competition, check out a nice preview here at the Race with Wouter.

Wouter is ambassador of Berghaus in the Netherlands, (and that since he once won a Berghaus jacket through a GearLimits #geargiveaway promotion) and wears two very well-known jackets that we also reviewed earlier, the GR20 and the Hyper 100 jacket. The last one we reviewed in 2017, and is still in the Berghaus collection. Not surprising for such an ultra lightweight top jacket. Contributor Jeffrey Witter also reviewed this jacket in Alpine conditions.

Whatever he wears, we will certainly follow him through his Facebook account. And wish you all the best from here!


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