Would you drop everything you were doing to go on an unknown adventure? That’s the question put to New Yorkers getting into  a very special taxi cab. I just like this little video by the North Face, and from a professional perspective I really like what it stands for.

Next to the work I do for GearLimits I also work in digital marketing for the Dutch Olympic Committee. I used to be a bit ambivalent about calling myself a marketeer, but the change the last few years in what marketing is all about has really changed the job for the better; we get to be more creative, produce cooler stuff, stuff that people actually could enjoy. Nowadays more than ever brands have turned to telling stories about the experience the brand stands for, rather than just market features of products.

The “See For Yourself Cab” by The North Face is an excellent example of what brand story telling is all about. I never thought I’d post about a commercial, but here we are. This short film is so much more than a commercial. It’s not about features of products, it’s about telling a story about adventure, spontaneity, inspiration and enjoying all that nature has to offer. And that is what the North Face is about; that is what it boils down to. This is the kind of “commercial” I would love to make.


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