Review: Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights

The Swedish brand Fjällräven has been known for years for its functional clothing. Clothing that is designed to explore nature, but that also works well in a more urban environment. Function meets fashion. And always produced with attention to nature and the environment. We had the opportunity to test the Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights, a hiking/ walking legging that also works well with other activities. Of course I tested the Abisko Trail Tights during a long hike, but also during trail running, cross fit, skating and obstacle run training. The Abisko Trail Tights did very well in almost all activities, so it is a very versatile – and therefore sustainable – pants!

Abisko family
The Abisko Trail Tights is part of the Abisko product line. This is a product line specially designed for shorter outdoor adventures of 1 or a few days. The line is named after the town of Abisko that is located in Swedish Lapland. The town lies at the foot of the Nuolja mountain and there are many opportunities to explore the beautiful nature from there. Not entirely coincidentally, the Fjällräven Classic finishes here. That is why Fjällräven has dedicated a product line to this special place.

The Abisko Trail Tights is made of two different fabrics. Both very light, strong, and stretchable (to 4 sides), and both consisting of a part of polyamide and elastane. Depending on the surface of the pants, more stretch (elastane) or more strength (polyamide) was chosen. For example, the waist, crotch and back have more stretch for more freedom of movement, but the pants also ventilates better in these places.The places where the pants wears faster – the knees and back – are reinforced with a ceramic print. These are all small dots of approximately 1 mm². If you use the pants intensively, these dots will wear out before the fabric is actually affected. The pants are fairly water-repellent, but of course not waterproof. I walked through it with heavy rain and it certainly didn’t feel wet. Fjällräven has used a fluorine and carbon free impregnation that is therefore not harmful to the environment. This impregnation slowly wears off again through use and washing (as happens with any – also non-durable – impregnation). Fjällräven sells a PFC-free impregnation spray with which you can make the pants (and other products) water-repellent again. Super easy and durable!

Fit and insulation
The fit of the pants is good. It’s comfortable. In my case just a bit looser than a normal tight / legging, but again a lot tighter and more compact than we are used to from the normal Fjällräven hiking pants. All in all, more than enough freedom of movement for truly intensive sports such as trail running or survival. The pants have two pockets, one on each thigh (handy for your mobile) and at the top and handy drawcord to fit your body as loose or as tight as you want. In first instance I had to get used to the pockets on the thighs, because you can feel those because the pants are relatively tight. But you get used to this quickly. The pants also feels warm when you put it on. This is because the pants are made of sturdier material than most tights. But if you wear the pants during an intensive activity such as trail running or during crossfit, it is not too warm. This is due to the breathability of the fabric.

Versatility is an important form of sustainability. Because if you don’t have to buy a different product for every activity, you are by definition sustainable. For the men of GearLimits (and also for Fjällräven) an important aspect. That is why I have tested these pants for sports other than hiking. I ran a 12km trail with it a number of times, which went really well. Not too warm, enough freedom of movement and a nice fit. I have also worn the pants during both crossfit / bootcamp training and obstacle run training. During these activities, the trousers have a hard time, because the fabric often scratches over the ground, or along trees and ropes when you are climbing. But because the pants are reinforced with a ceramic coating, there were hardly any traces of use on the pants after the training, and also no scuff marks on my skin after climbing. All in all a very good alternative for these tough and rough sports.

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The Abisko Trail Tights is available in a male and a female version. For the ladies, the waist and fit are slightly different, more tailored to the curves of the woman for the right freedom of movement. In addition, the female version is available in 4 colors (black, burgundy red, gray and navy blue), while the men’s pants are only available in black.

Fjällräven’s Abisko Trail Tights is a very high-quality multi-sport tights / leggings. Basically designed for one or more days of hiking, but also very suitable for trail running. And even very suitable for the rougher activities where you have to go through the mud with your pants or just have to climb past and over obstacles. Very versatile and therefore also sustainable. Especially because no PFCs have been used. The recommended retail price of € 164.95 is a premium pricelevel. But for that you buy a product that – despite intensive use – will last for years. And that again is a sustainable choice!

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