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A couple of half blocks in the lefthand rectangle and the full ones in the rectangle on the right

Sometimes we’re blown away by phenomenal innovations, at other times we are ‘just’ impressed by relatively small product enhancements. An example of the latter we saw at Outdoor 2015. Salomon further fine-tunes its trail running shoes by listening to customers’ and testers’ feedback.

For example with a small improvement of the Salomon SPEEDCROSS 3 sole.
In the past, the blocks at the edges of the soles were half the size of the blocks in the middle, therefore they bent away easier. Now, for every shoe size, a sole is designed with full blocks all around. This results in less bending away and should deliver more grip. We haven’t (yet) tested them, but we presume that you’ll benefit from it the most in twists and turns on your trails. Nice piece of listening to the customer, product design, and precision technology.

The Salomon SPEEDCROSS 3 comes in women’s and men’s versions and is for both also available with two different membranes GORE-TEX® and Climashield™.

Senior Sales Executive Salomon Footwear, Vincent Veltman, explains
Senior Sales Executive Salomon Footwear, Vincent Veltman, explains



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