Videoreview: K2 Super Charger Alpine ski 2019-2020

The name of this ski is so aptly chosen. No it has nothing to do with charging your phone or anything electric. It charges, like the charges knights of old rode into battle, into full-on attack. Taking care of it’s rider and bringing the fear of god into it’s enemies. Like that horse, this ski is a charger indeed.


We rode twice with the K2 Supercharger: the first day with a lot of snowfall and as a result a lot of snow on the pistes. The second day in very nice weather, well-groomed but not hard packed slopes due to the fresh snowfall of the day before.

The K2 Supercharger

Just like that fiery battle steed you really have to be able to ride it, or in that case ski it. An absolutely advanced ski for good skiers. A very well built ski that makes you work, but if you do, it will give you everything you’ve put it, right back. And then some. The ski demands the right technique and power. The ski that we had with 175 centimeters also fits very well with the weight (86 kg) and the experience of our reviewer Stijn van Oss. He thought it was a real powerful race carver with which you can shred the pistes to pieces.

The Super charger is very much a piste ski, and not made for off-piste. But, on the first very snowy day, the ski did well on snow-covered pistes, and we did a couple of very nice off-piste runs on day two, and Stijn got the ski down the mountain easily in gorgeous generous turns.

For more information and all specifications of the ski, check here.

The K2 Supecharger is meant for:

As mentioned, you have to be able to ski to get the most out of the Super Charger. Very advanced to expert skiers with ambition to spend all day shredding.

Buy the K2 Supercharger (incl binding) – Retail price: € 749,95

Turning comfort:
Early to edge:
Stability / accuracy at speed:
Off-piste performance:
Stearing behaviour:
Rebound / Turn finish:
Influencable / Mouldable
Bang for your Buck
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