Videoreview: Nitro Fate Women’s All-mountain Snowboard

The Nitro Fate is a board developed specifically for women. Because women are usually lighter and less powerful, these kind of boards is often more flexible.

The Nitro Fate is the best selling and most used women’s board by Nitro. It’s been around for a couple of seasons and Nitro continues to develop this versatile,  flexible board. It has a moderate camber profile under the bindings and tip and tail transition to rocker reasonably early. The board has a medium flex and comes in four lengths, from 144 to 153 cm. The board we had was 153 centimeters long.

The Review

Dees is a pretty powerful rider for a lady, 175 cm, and 66 kilos, so not very heavy. She had already tested the Nitro Fate in previous versions and where they were a bit stiffer, she felt that the version of 2017-2018 was slightly more flexible. As a result, the board has become even more playful and forgiving. It is a clear all-round board. It’s stable at higher speeds on the piste, you can hit some off-piste with a smile as well, and Dees mainly thought that it would be very useful as a park board. Boxes, rails, jumps or a half pipe.

With the board it is easy to make turns, you can easily put it on its edge and at speed, the board will keep the rail well. At speed, the Nitro Fate remains stable, though it doesn’t handle speed and carving as well as real camber/carve boards. But it to be fair, that’s not the kind of board the Nitro Fate is trying to be. Short fast turns and carves are easy and pleasant.

In conclusion, we can say that the Nitro Fate is a versatile and flexible board on which you can start well, and can progress very far. You can roam the mountain and try out many different disciplines. And if you have found what you like, whether it be piste, park or powder, you can hit that and make it your own with the Nitro Fate.

Nitro Fate

All-mountain women’s snowboard

Retail price € 496,95

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