Video review: Haglöfs Nengal Kurbits Jacket and Pants

The conditions for a functional ski and snowboard set could not have been better. Our three days in Montafon last March brought Alpine weather in all it’s variating glory.

On day 1 a lot of snow, strong winds and very cold; day 2 totally oppposite, sun all day and much warmer on the mountain. The last day brought a combination of both with constantly changing circumstances.

Design Heritage

I am used to quality from Haglöfs, and in that, I was not disappointed with this set (more about that later). But I was also used to quite minimalistic, sometimes even sober, design from the Swedish brand. The Bib pants of this set follow that style, simple black with a very good fit. However with the Nengal Parka, Haglöfs has loosened the reins on design. Party time. And a truly traditional Swedish party: the colors and patterns of this jacket can be traced back to traditional hand-painted Kurbits horses from the Swedish Dalarna area. A very big nod to the heritage of Haglöfs as a real Swedish brand.

I thought it was really cool, and it really helps you stand out in the white snow and gray conditions. It’s nive and bright in the sun, without being completely hysterical. I’m really more into the sober aesthetic but I thought this set was very cool. He would certainly wear it myself during winter sports vacation without doing a review on it.


Whereas earlier three-layer suits from Haglöfs that I tested often used Gore-Tex, this set uses the Haglöfs proprietary Proof Eco 3-layer fabric to combine breathability with full waterproofing. I already wore an outdoor jacket with this fabric before and was already very pleased with how it performs technically. During the three days in Montafon, the set performed as well as the best Gore-Tex gear I have worn. Despite the heavy snowfall, the frequent sitting and kneeling in the snow to make video reviews, neither the fabric of the jacket nor the pants saturated at any time. In my opinion it gave even more water resistance than the 15000 water column indication suggests.

Hood and bib

With the well-adjustable, flexible and therefore well-fitting hood I was completely wrapped up and insulated against the snowfall. With the high bib pants (dungarees fashion, say), there is almost no way snow can get into your jacket or pants. No draft in the small of your back or anything like that; totally great. It is a grear feeling under such circumstances if you know that your clothing can withstand anything and will take care of you. At a certain moment, due toe low visibility I totally missed a 4/5 meter drop, thumped and rolled through the (luckily) thick snow and came out totally free from snow inside the set.

Breathability and Ventilation

But it was also beautiful weather, and then you actually don’t want to sweat copiously into your weatherproof suit.

On the one hand, the very breathable Proof membrane ensures that warm, moist air can escape away fom your body, and Haglöfs has also made a kind of double front zipper. In warmer weather you choose the secondary outer zip, which creates a mesh opening that runs parallel to the zipper. Through the mesh fresh air can enter and warm air can escape. The jacket is therefore a bit more spacious so that the air can circulate a little better. Smart thinking, and works well. It does compromise a bit on keeping snow out though, so take that into account.

Pockets and other features

The jacket has two hip pockets, two pockets on the chest, a ski pass pocket on the sleeve and two inside pockets, one with zipper. So well equipped with storage space. Furthermore, the cuffs are spacious and adjustable with velcro. Recco reflectors are sewn in both the jacket and the pants.


The set is made of PROOF ™ ECO 3-layer 100% recycled polyamide, so in the production of the jacket there is certainly a attention to making more sustainabile choices. The water-repellent DWR layer is free from flourcarbons. Thumbs up.

The fabric also feels really strong, so I also suspect that the set will last a very long time. I am not sure if it is a jacket that you will also wear a lot in everyday life. With the somewhat less colorful designs of technical jackets you see that much more often. So whether it will be very versatile in daily life, I am not so sure.


In short, I am super positive about this set. The design makes me happy, the fit and cut are very good, the hood, the bib, the ventilation opening. It is all really well thought out and implemented. An absolute favorite for me over the past years.

With € 499,- as a suggested retail price for the parka and € 419,- for the bib pant, this set is not cheap, and it is actually in line with the pricing of heavier Gore-Tex Shells. For that price you do really get a very good freeride set.

Haglöfs Nengal Kurbits Parka Jacket

Haglöfs Nengal Kurbits Bib Pant

Fit & Comfort
Bang for your Buck
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video-review-haglofs-nengal-kurbits-jacket-and-pantThe conditions for a functional ski and snowboard set could not have been better. Our three days in Montafon last March brought Alpine weather in all it's variating glory. On day 1 a lot of snow, strong winds and very cold; day 2 totally oppposite,...


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