Videoreview: Never Summer Ripsaw Snowboard

The Never Summer Ripsaw is one of those really good special boards that Never Summer has been producing for the past years. Very good and solidly constructed to make them very durable, and a very specific hybrid of camber and rocker placements to make a very versatile board. The profile Never Summer uses on a number of boards is the Ripsaw Camber, a combination of rocker between the bindings and camber directly under the bindings which transitions to a low mellow rocker on the tip and tail. In that transition, the base is flat, for a bit more float and easier turning.

The Ripsaw has a Twin shape to enable you to shred in any direction you want, switch or not. The Vario Power Grip Sidecut uses various radii to offer more contact points on the edge for extra edge hold.

Shape, profile and a stiff flex rating add up to a board that should deliver amazing grip, a lot of pop, power to charge through anything: just a really aggressive ride.

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De Review

According to Dees (66 kilo’s, 175cm, lady)

Dees loved the Ripsaw and really could shred the board even though with the 159 cm and the fact that it is not a specific ladies board (which often are a bit more flexible) she really had to pile the power on to ride it well. But if riding it with power, Dees was able to do anything with the board. She was amazed at the control and stability it gave you. Amazing carving sensation and really gave a lot of confidence at higher speed. She could really cut into the carves, put the board on its edge and it would hold the rail.

According to Mark (92 kilo’s, 188cm, man)

The Ripsaw we had was 159 and with that a bit short and a bit narrow for me. I probably would have been served better with a 162 or a 163 length on the Ripsaw X (which is just a bit wider). So I had to adjust a bit, and it didn’t allow me to charge as naturally as I would want to from the get-go. As I have argued in other reviews, that also and always has to do with your technical proficiency, and were I a better rider, the moments that the board did not hold me, would probably have been less. So it’s a combination of variabels. What I did feel is the way you can ut power into that board, charge and carve and shred.


Both our conclusions were that you really need to be experienced (so more than intermediate) to really ride this board. It needs you to be aggressive and powerful with it, and then you will rip anything you come across.

Never Summer Ripsaw

All-mountain freestyle

Retail price: € 699,95

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