Review: Vaude Trailspacer 8 rugzak

Are you looking for a multifunctional backpack for sports?

You might want to consider the innovative Vaude Trailspacer 8. This bagpack is specifically designed for trailrunning and mountainbiking, but it also works pretty well for skiers and hikers in the mountains. The backpack weighs only 390 grams, but still has a capacity of 8 liters, and a carrying capacity of 4 kg. I tested the Vaude Trailspacer 8 on a seven hour Mountainbike race, and during various trailruns.


The backpack is particularly really comfortable. Yes backpack, or is it rather a runningvest? The 3-dimensional back panel of the Trail Spacer 8 is in fact stitched from one piece, without pressing seams, and it wears like a vest. The bagpack wears really comfortable, whether it’s full or not. This is due to the soft 3D padding at the back, and the innovative knitting method. The back panel/ vest is stitched on top of the backpack with an elastic stitching. In between there is a layer of air that comes through the ventilation holes of the 3D – super well fitted – back panel and provides cooling. The vest is super easy to adjust to your body with the 2 – in hight adaptable – straps at the front. During my MTB trip, I occasionally heard the drinking water splashing into the bag during the downhill, which reminded me that I had a backpack, because I did not feel it at all.

Load capacity

I was surprised by the load capacity when I recently took the Trail Spacer 8 on a long MTB Race. I took the following: a long cycling shorts, rain jacket, bicycle tools, 2 MTB inner tubes, a filled drinking water bag of 2 liters, a GoPro including selfie stick and chest mount, a CO2 bicycle pump, my iPhone and a lot of sports nutrition for a 7 hours ride. I always had my nutrition close by in one of the 3 lockable pockets in the left shoulder strap, while I wore my iPone in the right shoulder strap pocket. On the back there are 2 open boxes in which I took my inner tubes, but there is also a pole holder and a compression belt to quickly hide a coat or sweater underneath without opening the bag.


The body of the bagpack is made from silicone ripstop, a very light and waterproof material, which is used a lot in the fabrication of tents, kites and spinnakers. This material is unfortunately also a bit fragile, witness the damage of the backpack after only a few times used.

I also used the Trail Spacer 8 during short, 1 hour, trailruns. During these runs I carried less stuff with me than during my MTB Race, just a 1 liter of water and a raincoat. I almost didn’t feel the bag, in fact, it fits just perfectly. Striking because I usually don’t run with a backpack, because I do not like a backpack that bounces back and forth on my back.

Vaude positions the Trail Spacer 8 as a ‘hydration backpack’, but for me it is more than that. I would name it a super nice, complete, compact sports backpack, where a hydration bag can also be hung into. An other detail is that the back panel is knit to form without foam, so it can be produced without any waste materials. A really nice side effect!


As far as I am concerned, the Vaude Trail Spacer 8 is an absolute must for anyone looking for a compact backpack for sports!

Vaude Trail Spacer 8

Store list price: € 120,00

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