Review: Vaude Miskanti Fleece Jacket

In a recently published report from the British “Rank a Brand” website, that reviews brands on sustainability, Vaude was at the top of the list of most sustainable outdoor brands.

[vc_message style=”square” message_box_color=”grey”]The rating of Rank a Brand is based on information that they find in CSR reports and public sources; check their method here.[/vc_message]

Now, the Rank a Brand method is also not fail safe and would question it on a number of points. But it did confirm the impression that Vaude made on us during our meetings and conversations with them. It was clear that the German outdoor brand is seriously working in various ways towards sustainable products and a sustainable production model.

The Miskanti fleece is a good example. The jacket is made for 57% from Tencel. The Tencel fiber used for the inner fabric is made from renewable raw material wood. It’s supposed to feel very soft on the skin and wick moisture away from the skin.

The jacket also contains 38% polyester and 5% elastane in what are otherwise less durable materials in production, but do add strength and durability to the sweater. In addition to this, the manufacturing of the jacket takes place in Europe.

[vc_message style=”square” message_box_color=”grey”]Tencel is made from cellulose from eucalyptus wood. This wood comes from special, sustainably managed forests where a new tree is planted for each used bean. The production of the material takes place via a closed system whereby water and solvents are permanently recycled. Microparticles that detach themselves from the fleece during washing are completely biodegradable and pose no danger to sea life or the environment.[/vc_message]


The Miskanti fleece I wore during micro adventures in the Netherlands, on winter hikes in Austria and in daily life. Temperatures varied between 0 and 15 degrees.

Fit and comfort

The Tencel fiber is indeed super soft, extremely comfortable and is great to wear, also directly on the skin. The jacket is cut snug and has almost a slim fit. And yet it also moves very well during all the activities you do.


Not only does the jacket wear very comfortably, but it also immediately gives a feeling of warmth. It is really a wonderful product to wear in that respect. In the early mornings of my micro adventure in the Netherlands, but also under an outer shell jacket around 2600 meters in Austria, the Miskanti definitely contributed to a very pleasant micro climate on my body.


The Miskanti does not do badly in this area, but I noticed, especially when carrying a backpack, on steeper sections, that I got warm, sometimes too warm with the jacket on. That, of course, also depends on the outside temperature, but I noticed it. What is nice, is that the Tencel inner fabric itself remains reasonably dry with sweat, and wicks the perspiration moisture well outwards away from the skin.


In terms of windproofness, the mid layer is okay, but I would always wear a hard shell jacket over strong winds and slightly lower temperatures. In that respect, it is really a mid layer and not a soft shell outer layer.


The jacket has a zipper and two side pockets, again with zips. The hood fits snugly over your head and gives that bit of extra comfort at lower temperatures.


The Miskanti fleece is an extremely comfortable, lovely warm mid layer for less intensive outdoor activities. With real aerobe activities, it runs into the limits of its breathability. But for “soft adventures”, nice long hikes in the mountains, being around your tent and also in daily life (thanks to great design) is more than suitable.

Vaude Miskanti Fleece Jacket

Retail price: € 139,95

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Mark Stokmans
Mark Stokmans
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In a recently published report from the British "Rank a Brand" website, that reviews brands on sustainability, Vaude was at the top of the list of most sustainable outdoor brands.The rating of Rank a Brand is based on information that they find in CSR...Review: Vaude Miskanti Fleece Jacket