Review: The North Face Tansa Outdoor Shorts

Description The North Face Tansa Shorts

The North Face Tansa Short, named after the Japanese phonetic word for ‘exploration’, provides the necessary protection for hiking in warm weather. The lightweight, stretchable material helps you move easily and comfortably.

The shorts have zipper pockets at the front and back for your small necessities. Use the supplied belt for a good fit. In size 36, which equals Medium, the pants and accompanying belt weigh 230 grams.

The story behind The North Face

Brand Name: The North Face is named after the coldest, most ruthless side of any mountain. The brand is proud of having helped adventurers reach the most elusive heights of the Himalayas. But the story of The North Face begins, funny enough, on the beach.

To be exactly the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco, at about 45 meters above sea level. Here in 1966 two outdoor hiking enthusiasts decided to make their work work and opened a mountaineering shop.


Test conditions

I used the Tansa Shorts with various outdoor activities. During off-road training and several day-walks. Also with walks while carrying a backpack. During free time spending, the social moments, I mean with this I also carried the Tansa Shorts.

The conditions were often good and mostly dry. At those moments, I was well sweaty and I was able to test Tansa Short’s comfort well. There were also test moments with severe rainfall, the Tansa Short fully soaked.

Review of The North Face Tansa Shorts

When I unpacked the Tansa Shorts for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. The weight of the Tansa Shorts and the material choice really stood out for me.

The North Face has chosen for an elastic-stretchable fabric and that really helps the short fit well. The Tansa Shorts are great but I have to get used to the pockets. They are placed differently than I am usually used to. If I wanted to open or close the zippered pockets, I needed both hands. Nevertheless, I could not wait to get started with the pants.

During the activities, the Tansa Shorts feel very comfortable. The stretchable fabric is really an added value. I even used the Tansa Shorts during a trail run training and didn’t feel restricted in any way.

Choice of material

As I mentioned earlier, the choice of material is super. It gives a comfortable feeling. During activities like walking, the material just stretches with every movement. This way the shorts never hinder your movement in any way. I did not test the pants during rock climbing or climbing activities. But I would certainly take the pants with me on those kind of trips as well.

When the shorts are fully soaked, they have a drying time of about 12 hours. By the way, the pants are still comfortable when wet.


In the past I have had a number of pants and shorts from The North Face. My experiences with The North Face pants were not good. The reason for this was usually the fit. The pants were often too wide and not comfortable. After testing the Tansa Shorts my opinion has changed. The Tansa Shorts are perfect and fit is nicely slim. The Tansa Shorts are not only functional but also looks tough.


  • weight
  • design
  • fit


  • bags
  • belt

The North Face Tansa Short

Winkeladviesprijs: € 69,95

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Would I buy the pants, hell yeah !! But I would like to improve something. Possibly an elastic band in the Tansa Shorts and the belt slightly more firmed up. The pants sometimes drop a bit while walking with a backpack. Regardless, this is a top product by The North Face.
Danny van Haaften
Danny van Haaften
Buitensporter, ik ben werkzaam bij de overheid en in mijn vrije tijd hou ik mij bezig met verschillende disciplines van de buitensport. Sinds 2000 ben ik actief als wegatleet in competitief verband en heb ik afstanden tot aan de marathon gelopen. Omstreeks 2007 ben ik tevens gegrepen door het survivalrun virus. Sindsdien heb ik vele survivalruns als wedstrijdatleet in binnen en buitenland gelopen. Als rode draad hier doorheen ben ik actief als berg-buitensporter in verschillende disciplines o.a. rotsklimmen, meerdaagse bivak-wandeltochten en fietstochten. In 2016 ben ik gestart met DH Buitensport om mensen te motiveren meer naar buiten te gaan.

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