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The German shoe brand Hanwag has a shoe that is very interesting for the Dutch terrain, the Belorado 2 TubeTec GTX. This is a low A / B hiking / trail shoe with a Goretex membrane, and Hanwag’s own TubeTec sole. GearLimits tested this shoe this spring and summer and is quite impressed.


Just before the summer, the GearLimits boys went on a micro-adventure in a unique nature reserve on the border of Drenthe and Friesland; the Fochteloërveen. We were taken by Marten Pothoff; Forester at Natuurmonumenten. And we were joined by two of our loyal readers – Mike and Laura. They had won a Facebook promotion and went along nicely. I would first walk on different shoes on this trip, but these were a bit on the small side. That is why I decided last minute to put on the Belorado’s, which I happened to have in my car.

During this micro adventure we walked about 40 km, and luckily I have not had any blisters or abrasions. I had not worn the shoes before the trip and was worried that I would be bothered by blisters, because I often suffer from it. Fortunately, the size was good and they were in perfect shape right from the start. Because I have a relatively wide foot, many shoes are a bit tight in width. If I then take half a size larger, they are good in width, but the length is often a bit too long so I get blisters quickly.


The advantage of low shoes is that they are lighter than high shoes. And those are the Belorado’s absolutely. This shoe is quite light for a hiking shoe with only 900 grams. You will notice that after a few hours, because your legs and feet will get tired less quickly, so that you will continue to walk better and will not shrink or even stumble so quickly.

During this trip I had a lot of kilos with me. I was carrying a tent, sleepingbag, lots of cooking utensils, a camera, a drone, and some clothing. Despite the heavy packing, I didn’t have the feeling that my ankles started to spin and I had to put on high shoes. This of course has to do with the good fit and the stability and grip of the applied TubeTec sole. This is a sole technology that Hanwag developed themselves for hiking shoes. This innovation must ensure that you have a lot of cushioning in the sole, but also stability in the shoe, – flexibility in the nose and that both the cushioning and the stability are durable (and therefore remain good for a long time). Watch the video about Hanwag’s TubeTec technology below.

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Fochteloërveen is a high moor area, where large parts are very soggy. Yet I never got wet feet, while my shoes often stood just below the edge in the water. This is of course due to the Goretex membrane, which makes the shoes waterproof. The advantage of a Goretex membrane is of course that the material also breathes to create a perfect foot climate. And that’s how I experienced it myself. Although I must be honest that after 4 hours of walking on the sunny 2nd day, my feet felt a bit warm. But this can also be due to the rather warm socks that I wore (from now on only merino socks !!). The shoe also has a TPU toe cap, which means that the front of your foot is well protected, so you can hit your toes once or twice.

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What did Mike and Laura think of the Belorado?
Fine-fitting shoe, suitable for a big hike!
Nice flexible shoe that will certainly come in handy during our motorhome adventures. Our only downside is that they feel warm on hot days.

Hallux Valgus
In addition to the Belorado II TubeTec GTX we tested, Hanwag also has a special version for people with Hallux Valgus; The Belorado Bunion Low GTX. These shoes are especially suitable for people with a fairly full foot or a high instep. These shoes also offer extra space for the common hallux falgus which is a lump on the large toe joint.

With the Belorado II TubeTec GTX, Hanwag has released a perfect hiking shoe for Dutch terrain. The shoe has a super fit, has a lot of grip and stability, but still runs soft and flexible. Furthermore, it is light and also waterproof. Do you regularly go for longer walks, or do you want to do the 4-day walk, for example? Then Hanwag’s Belorado II TubeTec GTX is an excellent choice!

Hanwag Belorado II TubeTec GTX

Retail price € 179,95

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The German shoe brand Hanwag has a shoe that is very interesting for the Dutch terrain, the Belorado 2 TubeTec GTX. This is a low A / B hiking / trail shoe with a Goretex membrane, and Hanwag’s own TubeTec sole. GearLimits tested this...Review Hanwag Belorado II TubeTec GTX