Review: Fjällräven Keb Trousers

The Fjällräven Keb Trousers

The pants are technically advanced hiking pants with optimal fit and thoughtful details. The pants are made for walks where freedom of movement is at least as important as wear resistance and protection against sharp stones.

That is why, for example, the seat and knees are performed and provided with extra strong seams. And that is why the trousers on the seat, the front of the legs, the knees and under the inside of the pipes are provided with G-1000 Eco.

In addition, the pipes are reinforced with a double layer of fabric to withstand wear and tear through walking shoes. To reduce wear, the inside hem has been removed and replaced with one-piece fabric.

A ventilation opening with a zipper from the knees to the hips and along the calves discharges excess body heat. The fly has also been extended to create an additional ventilation option. Two pockets on the pipe, one with a zipper and one with a flap and a mesh inner pocket for small items.

High placed side pockets keep the contents in place even when you sit down. Buckle fastening at the bottom of the legs and hook for attachment to the (ski) shoe.


Ever since the foundation of Fjällräven, it has been our motive to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy nature.

Åke Nordin was only fourteen years old when he devised the backpack frame that would form the basis for the company Fjällräven. Åke was a boy scout and loved to be outside. However, he was not satisfied with the rucksacks of that time that were hanging against your lower back as uncomfortable pockets. In a magazine, he read that the weight had to be high and close to your back to carry heavy loads. And when he wanted to go for a walk in the mountains, he hammered a backpack frame of wood where he sewed a baby carrier. Once in the mountains, his backpack aroused a lot of curiosity from other hikers, and Åke received several orders.

The backpack frame became the beginning of the Fjällräven company that Åke Nordin founded ten years later in his hometown Örnsköldsvik.

Beloved classic

More than 50 years have passed since Fjällräven began his walk and Fjällräven equipment is used and appreciated by several generations of outdoor people around the world. Many products have become more and more classics over time, for example, the Greenland jacket from 1968, the Viddabroek from 1999, the backpack Kånken from 1978 and the Expedition Dun jacket that was designed in 1974. Many products have also received honourable awards for function and environmental awareness, such as the Keb Trousers and the Kajka backpack, to mention just a few recent examples.

Inspiration from nature

The developments continue and we, Fjällräven’s employees, continue to find inspiration for new products and solutions when we are in nature ourselves. And just like in 1960, when it all started, we would like to design wear-resistant, timeless and functional outdoor equipment, act responsibly towards people, animals and nature and inspire people to live outdoors and maintain interest in them.

On the international website of Fjällräven you can read more about the company, our company philosophy, history and our work for sustainability. The website is in English and can also be read in German and Swedish.


Test conditions

I have worn and tested the Keb Trouser in various conditions. During different hiking and climbing activities. I have also worn the Keb Trouser a lot when building obstacles and natural assignments for outdoor activities.

I have also worn the Keb Trouser a lot during the export and organization of these activities. The Keb Trouser was exposed to a lot of mud, sanding and planing by lugging and climbing etc. The walking often went off the beaten track with a backpack weighing 15 kg on average.


The first impression I had of the Keb Trouser was that the appearance radiated a toughness. The material looked solid and needed to be tested immediately. I wanted to go out ….

A critical look with regard to wearing trousers, yes I do. This has to do with my sense of freedom of movement. This is something that I find very important during my activities. More than the durability and protection that the product might offer me.

The last two points the Keb Trouser scores extremely high and there is no pin in between. You notice that immediately when you put on the Keb Trouser or when you feel the material. Furthermore, the manufacturer has done his best to increase the freedom of movement by using an elastic material.

The Keb Trouser pleased me the best during the static moments. By this I mean the moments when I was not very active. That could be different. But that has everything to do with the fit.


The Keb Trouser I tested was a size 48 (regular). I have a slim figure and I am 80 meters long. The fit was okay but not perfect. The length of the Keb Trouser was good. Furthermore, I found the trouser legs fine but they would still have something tighter for me. That said the waist was on the loose side. While wearing the pants, a belt was certainly necessary.

What I found annoying was that the Keb Trouser continuously threatened to drop. As a result, I started to tighten the Keb Trouser with which it was slightly lost. In short, the Keb Trouser was a bit on me and that may have something to do with the measurements.


The choice of material is of course top-notch. The parts of the Keb Trouser that suffer the most are provided with a stronger material compared to the rest. The pants are largely provided with a stretchable fabric that is extremely flexible. This greatly increases the fit and comfort. This makes the Keb Trouser applicable during many activities.


  • durability
  • versatility
  • tough appearance
  • choice of material


  • Price
  • fit around waist


It would not be my first choice when it comes to purchasing a new pair of pants. The reason for this is, among other things, that I like simplicity and therefore not too many bags o.i.d. looking for a pair of pants. Furthermore, I find the dimensions of the pants difficult and perhaps a bit too spacious for me in the area the waist.

During my activities, I want freedom of movement and protection from the weather. The Fjällräven Keb trousers, moreover, fully comply with this. So my choice is very personal.

Review overzicht

Fit & Comfort
Windproof & Waterproof


During my activities, I want freedom of movement and protection from the weather. The Fjällräven Keb trousers, moreover, fully comply with this. So my choice is very personal.
Danny van Haaften
Buitensporter, ik ben werkzaam bij de overheid en in mijn vrije tijd hou ik mij bezig met verschillende disciplines van de buitensport. Sinds 2000 ben ik actief als wegatleet in competitief verband en heb ik afstanden tot aan de marathon gelopen. Omstreeks 2007 ben ik tevens gegrepen door het survivalrun virus. Sindsdien heb ik vele survivalruns als wedstrijdatleet in binnen en buitenland gelopen. Als rode draad hier doorheen ben ik actief als berg-buitensporter in verschillende disciplines o.a. rotsklimmen, meerdaagse bivak-wandeltochten en fietstochten. In 2016 ben ik gestart met DH Buitensport om mensen te motiveren meer naar buiten te gaan.

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