Trailer: the International Ocean Film Tour is starting again

From the 15th of March, the International Ocean Film Tour will lift its sails for the fifth time and show the enchantment of our oceans in all its beauty and diversity. Our trailer takes you to the beautiful world of the sea and the oceans, both above and below water. The trailer gives a taste of what you’ll get at the International Ocean Film Tour Vol. 5 can expect.

The program, which lasts two hours, includes six films this time, in which the heroes can be found above and below the water. Kai Lenny impressively shows in Paradigm Lost how versatile the sport can be. In The Ocean Rider, the Swiss Yvan Bourgnon sails 55,000 kilometres around the world, without a cockpit and protection against the elements, while in the meantime we dive into the depths of the sea with the free diver Jacques Mayol – and that without being able to breathe.

Uncle this year, the Ocean Film Tour wants to start thinking about the protection of our oceans. The documentary Vamizi focuses on the death of the coral and shows how much can be achieved by setting up so-called Hope Spots.

Following the premiere in Hamburg, the International Ocean Film Tour will tour Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark.

All performances can be found on the International Ocean Film Tour homepage. Also this year, many protagonists, filmmakers and environmental and animal protection will accompany the visitors during the tour.

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