Patagonia opens webshop for secondhand clothing – Worn Wear


In recent years, we have already encountered Patagonia’s Worn Wear concept at the ISPO and OutDoor Friedrichshafen trade shows. In 2013, Patagonia launched the Worn Wear program with the aim of encouraging people to properly care, wash and repair their clothes. The program seeks to keep in use any clothing, regardless of brand, as long as possible. And if it’s time to invest in new clothes, you should do so in durable products.

The program started in the US – with the Patagonia Mobile Worn Tour: If it’s broken, fix it. For this, a personalized Worn Wear Wagon was built by artist and surfer Jay Nelson.

In the Worn Wear webshop, you can buy used clothes, but you can also repair your clothes and exchange online. And you can also share your stories and experiences with Patagonia gear there.

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