Ode to the most creative freeride skiër ever – JP Auclair

In this ode The North Face athlete Tom Wallisch ski’s through the streets of Nelson, British Columbia. He is the skiër in the daydream of the video’s main character, a boy in the back of the car with his father and mother. The music is just right, the footage is spot on, everything works. Isn’t this just an amazing video that makes you want for snow even more?

JP Auclair

The original concept for the short video came from JP Auclair, who died in an avalanche in Chile in 2014. He thought it would be cool to make it look as if the skiing was taking place in the head of a child. And he was right. From the subtle beginning to the last shot where the playground of his school is overrun by skiërs.

After many weeks of preparation and three weeks of shooting, the edit was a fact.

Fun extra fact: The North Face is also the clothing sponsor of the United States freeride ski team going to the Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang in 2018.


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