Kitesurfing a Patagonian Glacier

Cows, kiteboarding and glaciers. An unlikely but very cool combination in this short video of kiteboarding with a Patagonian glacier as a backdrop. Tom Hebert, Rene Romeu and Sky Solbach from the North Kiteboarding Team travel to the very remote Perito Moreno Glacier to surf the winds coming off the glacier.  Quite a change for these three guys normally surfing out of warm and sunny Califoria, Brazil and Reunion.

Starting off from a rural cattle farm in a region that sometimes is a peninsula, sometimes and archipelago, depending on how the glacier develops, the guys boat and hike to a remote glacial lake at the foot of the glacier. Not the most spectacular kiteboarding itself (technically), but the scenery is awesome, and jumping icebergs is not something you see every day. Quite the adventure.


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