Expedition Sawanobori with James Pearson

Launched by The North Face

James Pearson climbed the 350-meter high Shomyo, the highest waterfall in Japan, along with fellow The North Face climber Caroline Ciavaldini, and Japanese climbers Yuji Hirayama and Toru Nakajma. The North Face launched the new film: Sawanobori.

Once arrived in Japan, the climbers are immediately thrown into the deep with a challenging first climb. “I was surprised how heavy and powerful the water turned out to be – and they were little streams compared to the photos I saw as big waterfalls!” – James Pearson.

“I was overwhelmed by the large, difficult, slimy rocks and the amount of water. You do not have to face any of these dangers if you start climbing normally, ”says Yuji Hirayama.


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