Trailrunning GearGuide

Let’s start with a question: what is trail running? Trail running how we see it, is all the running that you do on unpaved terrain. Away from pavement, asphalt or other hard man-made surfaces. Going into nature, with the smell of the forest in your nose, or the clear mountain air all around you.


With that as a starting point, there is a huge amount of variation in trails. From forest trails to rocky tracks through mountains; And so there is considerable variation in material that you need for trail running. The challenge of the terrain, and being deeper in nature, often in the mountains, makes a number of specific demands on the gear that you need to practice the wonderful sport of trail running with fun and safety.

In this GearGuide we look at trailrun products in three categories:

  • Shoes
  • Clothing (under construction)
  • Backpacks & hydration systems (under construction)

Why do trail running and not regular running on GearLimits? There is nothing more to it than that we at GearLimits like to look specifically at the sports that really brings you into nature.