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gearlimits-slacklines-gearguideSlacklining is balancing on a 2.5 to 5 cm wide trampoline line. Balancing is what slacklining is all about. A slackline is a strap of nylon or polyester that is tensioned between two anchor points.

It is often thought that slacklining is derived from tightrope walking; balancing on a tensioned cable. In tightrope walking, the cable – unlike a slackline – is not kept under constant tension. Because a slackline is under constant tension, it acts like a trampoline.

The slacklining emerged in the USA in the sixties. When bad weather kept them grounded, climbers in Yosemite sought a way to spend their time. A strap was tensioned between trees or rocks on which the climbers balanced and experimented. Slacklining practitioners are called slackers. In recent years, slacklining has gained popularity as a sport.

Types of slacklines

There are different types of slacklines. For example, there are:

  • Slacklines for beginners are shorter and low to the ground, so you learn as quickly as possible to at least stand and even walk over the slackline.
  • The rodeo or acro-slackline is a thinner hanging line that resembles a swing. You can relax on it was well; swinging with your back on the line. Of course, walking on it is also a possibility.
  • The trick or jumpline is a tightly stretched 15-meter long slackline. Especially suitable for making dynamic moves.

Actions sports crossover

As we said earlier, climbers use slacklines in bad weather a way to spend their time when they couldn’t climb. But there are more reasons to go slacklining. Balancing and core stability are inextricably linked. The slackline attaches great importance to your abdomen and back muscles.

Top athletes use the slackline for more balance and to strengthen knee’s and ankle’s, Therefore, slacklines for balancing sports – such as (kite) surfing, skiing, snowboarding, walking, and climbing – are a good training.

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