Wander Tactical: the essence of love and passion for making knives

I recently got in touch with the founders of Wanderer Tactical. Wander Tactical was founded in 2015 by two passionate men who shared a love of knives, design, adventure and the outdoors. Dino, born in 1968 in Milan, and Alex, born in 1979 in Lodi, Milan, decided to join forces and turn their passion into a successful business. Their shared vision and unique skills have led to the creation of knives that are both functional and aesthetically impressive.

What sets Wander Tactical apart is their primitive look that gives each knife a unique aesthetic. Despite their distinctive look, the key principle ‘form follows function’ continues to guide their designs. This means that each design should not only be visually appealing, but also functional and practical to use. This approach ensures that Wander Tactical’s knives stand out in a market often dominated by traditional shapes and designs.


Knives are designed as tools. By purchasing one, you agree that you are capable of owning that knife. It is your own responsibility to know and understand laws and rules. By buying a knife, you also agree to use it safely and responsibly. In doing so, as the owner, you accept all liability.

The driving forces behind Wander Tactical

Alex Wander: The survival expert

Wander Tactical: de essentie van liefde en passie voor het maken van messen
Credits: Erika Bastogi

Alex has a unique passion for surviving in nature and exploring different environments. His extensive knowledge and experience in survival techniques, gained from attending numerous courses, have made him a true expert. Alex’s courses include the Urban Survival Attitude and Preparedness Skills course in 2020, as well as the Bushcraft class with Dave Canterbury in 2019. His scientific background and technical attitude are crucial in Wander Tactical’s designs. In addition to his work as a knife maker, Alex is also a passionate photographer and works as an adventure and lifestyle photographer for international outdoor brands.

Greymoose Dino: The technical artist

Wander Tactical: de essentie van liefde en passie voor het maken van messen

Greymoose Dino grew up in an artistic environment in Milan. His father was a naturalist painter and his sister is an artist and designer. After high school, he immersed himself in graphic design and naturalistic illustrations for the publishing industry. In 1999, he founded Pico’s, a company that builds sets for live music performances such as MTV’s. His love for knives began at a young age and his technical knowledge and natural design skills developed over the years. In 2005, Dino started making bows, knives and accessories for himself and friends. His extensive technical knowledge and attention to detail make him an indispensable force within Wander Tactical.

The perfect collaboration

The collaboration between Dino and Alex is based on mutual respect and shared passion. Dino’s artistic and technical skills combined with Alex’s survival expertise and scientific approach form the perfect synergy for creating exceptional knives. Every knife produced by Wander Tactical reflects their commitment to quality, functionality and aesthetics.


Wander Tactical is more than just a company that makes knives; it is the embodiment of love and passion for craftsmanship. Dino and Alex have brought together their unique skills and experiences to create knives that are not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye. Their commitment to the principle of ‘form follows function’ and their ability to think outside the box make Wander Tactical a brand that adventurers and knife enthusiasts alike appreciate around the world.

Wander Tactical: de essentie van liefde en passie voor het maken van messen
Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
I have practiced a multitude of sports since my youth to the present. My first sports as a child were judo and athletics. Cycling, hiking, mountain biking, kyokushin karate, diving, baseball, golf and windsurfing, rowing and krav maga were added later.

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