Ukrainian fashion footwear Marsala goes tactical

The Ukrainian Maria Masliy was the creative director of the women’s shoe brand Marsala until the war in Ukraine started. But when Russia invaded Ukraine, she decided to change her business radically. Maria moved her business from Kharkiv to the Polish border. She ended up in Amsterdam, where she now successfully runs her company. She no longer designs high heels. No, she switched entirely to the MARS Military Shoes, rugged military boots.

The war had been going on for two months when Maria Masliy received a message from a girl. She told Maria that she and 150 others had spent a month in a cold, cramped air raid shelter. Maria was in Amsterdam at the time. When the war started, Marsala immediately donated all her outdoor shoes and warm clothes to the army.

Ukrainian fashion footwear Marsala goes tactical

The girl was one of the lucky ones who got the outdoor boots. She wore them for a whole month. It was the moment Maria realized she had to keep going. She has now donated more than 3000 pairs of outdoor boots to the Ukrainian army. The more than 50,000 men and women who have voluntarily joined the military are very optimistic about it.

MARS Military Shoes

The design of the MARS, the name related to the Roman god of war, is characterized by the use of high-quality materials. The shoe is completely waterproof and has water-repellent Nubuck details. The sole is stable, elastic and has two layers. Each pair of MARS Military Shoes weighs 1360 grams. The footbed is breathable and returns warmth and moulds to the user’s foot and leg. The makers are proud of their products. This can be seen from the blue and white Ukrainian flag on each shoe.

Pre-order your pair via Kickstarter

The MARS Military Shoes are now also available to consumers. You have the choice between the colours sand and forest. In addition, there are several purchase options. We like the possibility of a pair for you and a pair for a soldier. This costs 260 euros.

Production started in December, and you have your shoes for an early date in February 2023 and a later date in May 2023. It depends on how the situation develops in Ukraine. That is why Marsala has brought in an external partner. If you place your pre-order now you will receive a 40% discount. In addition to your shoes, you help the factory and its 50 employees through the war. Maria and her colleagues are grateful to you.

Ukrainian fashion footwear Marsala goes tactical
Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
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