Find your gear back with the Tile Sport

The Tile has been around for a while. These are smart Bluetooth trackers to use for retrieving items. Now there is one that is also suitable for the outdoor and action athlete… the Tile Sport!

The Tile Sport is water resistant and has a twice as big Bluetooth range and is twice as loud as their predecessors. The new Pro series responds to the needs and lifestyle of people. The Tile Sport is extra though, with a unique profile, a dark slate finish and a graphite ring.

Tile Pro App

New features in the Tile app (IOS and Android) are available for the Tile Pro series. Users can set the volume and eight different ringtones to personalize the sound of their Tiles. Also, the range of the Pro series has been increased to two hundred meters, so that items can found even faster. Users can also see via the app whether they are approaching or running away from their stuff, which is useful, for example, if they cannot play sound or if their items are not in direct view.

The Tile community

Tile is easy to use. Users play a sound via their app on their Tile or use their Tile to play a sound on their phone – even if the sound is turned off. They can also see via the app where their Tile last made Bluetooth connection and possibly the Tile community – all users who have a Tile – to enable their stuff to find.

Tile Sport is available at with a price of 39.- euros each; 60.- Euros for two pieces.

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Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
I have practiced a multitude of sports since my youth to the present. My first sports as a child were judo and athletics. Cycling, hiking, mountain biking, kyokushin karate, diving, baseball, golf and windsurfing, rowing and krav maga were added later.

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