Ultra High End Freeride Gear – The Mission Kit by The North Face

We love high-end outdoor gear: the Mission Kit made by The North Face is just about as high-end as it gets. Fuse Form, Gore-Tex, articulated and comfortabel armour for the most extreme alpine freeride descents. At ISPO 2017 we met up with Mark Maffe of the North Face to find out more about this very special gear. And in walked Xavier de le Rue; the pro, big mountain snowboarder who was heavily involved in the development of the Mission Kit. He spoke of the co-operation with the team from The North Face to process his feedback on earlier iterations of the gear and how spot on they have been in integrating his suggestions into the final product.

I have always been captivated with what lies beyond – beyond what I know and beyond where I have been.
I am driven to explore the unknown, discover new zones and push the boundaries of our physical and mental limits. This insatiable curiosity is what fuels the search for new locations, new lines and new ways to access them.
– Xavier De Le Rue –

Just recently the first edit with Xavier wearing the Mission Kit gear was published by Red Bull. You can check it below. We’ll keep you up to date on new development of the Mission Kit and although we are no were near the kind of riders (like Xavier) this gear is aimed at, we still hope to be able to get our hands on a set and go riding with it.


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