Three new bikepacking bags from Vaude

Bikepacking is becoming increasingly popular, concepts such as the overnighter, micro-adventure or 5to9 adventure that are often used in this context are all focused on similar experiences of freedom and adventure. And that depends on time, the sense and spontaneity to escape the daily grind. In any case, only with the necessary luggage and preferably with overnight accommodation in the open air – and if this takes place on two wheels: bike packing, with luggage on the bike!

3 x trail for handlebar, saddle and frame = 39 litres pack volume

Trailfront, trailsaddle and trailframe – these are the three bike pouch bags that allow Vaude to send out adventurous bikers. All models are equipped with a waterproof roll closure. With this, they can be easily operated and compressed. They are made of PVC-free sail material and are completely waterproof welded. The water-repellent Eco Finish finish on the outside does not contain environmentally harmful fluorine (PFC) beans.


The handlebar and saddle support bag store the most baggage. Thanks to the central attachment, you can also control the bike on rough trails. Both models are constructed in such a way that the suspension always remains attached to the bicycle, and the actual packsack can be removed quickly and easily. “Depending on the type of bike, the attachment to the handlebar and under the saddle can be a bit cumbersome and difficult, which is why we have developed a bag suspension that, once mounted, stays on the bike during the entire ride”, says Rafael Erath, Product Manager at VAUDE. The frame bag can be completely removed via a combination of closures because the attachment to the frame is more accessible and simpler. Together, the three models have 39 litres of packing volume. The handlebar bag has supplied tires for attaching extra luggage pieces.

The model Trailsaddle for the attachment under the saddle with 12 litres volume is excellent for storing equipment that you do not need during the ride. Practical feature: he not only keeps the luggage dry but also you by serving as splash protection. The lateral compression straps of the bag suspension to be attached to the saddle support give the packsack sufficient grip and prevent it from being released during driving.


The handlebar bag Trailfront is accessible on two sides via roller closures. The packsack offers 19 litres of volume and is ideal for light luggage, such as a sleeping mat and sleeping bag or weatherproof clothing.

A handy feature is the carrying strap with which the removed packsack can be worn loosely over the shoulder. Flexible compression straps on the frame give the handlebar bag sufficient grip and stability while driving. Extra baggage, such as a light tent or a bivouac bag, can be attached with packing straps at the top. The suspension of the packsack is attached to the steerer tube by a simple assembly. Thanks to the practical spacers and the width-adjustable fixings, there is always enough room for the brake and switch cables.


The easily accessible frame bags Trailframe with 8 litres volume are due to the low centre of gravity extremely suitable for heavier items such as tools, camping cookers or provisions.

Practical feature: the bottom 2 fastening straps can be removed, making the packsack adjustable in length and also suitable for bicycles with rear wheel suspension. The bag is attached to the top tube by strong adhesive rubber bands.

Retail prices:

Trailfront € 90,-

Trailsaddle € 100,-

Trailframe € 75,-

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Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
I have practiced a multitude of sports since my youth to the present. My first sports as a child were judo and athletics. Cycling, hiking, mountain biking, kyokushin karate, diving, baseball, golf and windsurfing, rowing and krav maga were added later.

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