The North Face comes with a collection of its FUTURELIGHT fabric

The North Face adds FUTURELIGHT jackets, pants and bibs to its Summit Series, Steep Series and Flight Series collections. FUTURELIGHT has been developed with innovative nanospinning technology and offers breathable, water-resistant protection – the first of its kind.

Women’s & Men’s Brigandine Jacket

The concept of came alive in the mountains, where the international team of athletes from The North Face needed improved performance and better breathability of their waterproof equipment. Waterproof clothing is known to be uncomfortable, cumbersome and stuffy. The North Face took the challenge to change this reputation and worked for three years on the development of a fabric that is not only soft, light, flexible and comfortable but is also developed in a sustainable way and will last for a long time. After this period of research, product development and extensive testing, the brand now proudly presents the first clothing made from the brand’s FUTURELIGHT fabric.


The nanospinning process used to develop the FUTURELIGHT fabric made it possible to provide the fabric membrane with unrivalled air permeability. The process creates holes at the nano level, which ensures extreme porosity while maintaining total water tightness, allowing air to flow through the material and providing more ventilation than ever before.

Men’s Ceptor Jacket & Bib

Nanospinning also offers designers of The North Face the ability to adjust the weight, stretchability, breathability, durability, construction (knitted or woven) and texture to the purpose, activity or environment of both during the production process. Athletes and consumers. Designers can adapt the fabric to a specific use, for example, by increasing the breathability for aerobics or the protective capacity for harsh, wet climates. The ability to influence these factors during the production process pushes the boundaries of innovation in clothing, equipment and accessories.

Women’s & Men’s Summit L5 Jacket

With the launch of FUTURELIGHT, The North Face also strives to set the tone for a sustainable production process. In this way, the brand can responsibly produce three-layer garments with 90% front and back layers made from recycled materials.

Tested by athletes and proven on expeditions

FUTURELIGHT has been extensively tested for more than four hundred days by fifteen members of the brand’s international athlete team. The substance was thereby exposed to the highest peaks and harsh conditions – including on the Lhotse and Everest of the Himalayas – in temperatures ranging from minus 45 to plus 15 degrees Celsius.

The North Face mountain climber Jim Morrison climbed and skied while testing FUTURELIGHT in 2018 from three peaks of eight thousand meters – including Everest, Cho Oyu and the world’s first descent from Lhotse couloir – together with his partner Hilaree Nelson.

Launch in 2019

n honour of the long-awaited launch of the product, FUTURELIGHT is brought to life through a campaign video (see below) and photography with leading world-class athletes – including the captain of The North Face team and ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson, snowboarder Leanne Pelosi and mountain climbers Jimmy Chin and Andres Marin.

The FUTURELIGHT jackets, trousers and bibs are exclusively available through, in The North Face stores and through selected retailers. More information can be found on The North Face’s website: The North Face.


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