GearBite: Fjällräven goes back to its origins, the backpack

All good adventures start with a backpack. And Fjällräven started with a backpack. The Swedish brand has been testing, improving and refining it for almost 60 years. And the spring/summer season for 2019 is the result of these efforts. Fjällräven goes back to its origins – the backpack – and therefore brings a collection of backpacks suitable for all kinds of different activities: from the coast to the mountain top, from a pit stop in the city to a trip in nature and back home.

The first Fjällräven backpack was launched in 1960. Since then, many backpacks are launched, the range is expanded, technology is improved, and more sustainable materials are developed. And now – in 2019 – more than half a century later, Fjällräven is launching a new collection of backpacks using a brand-new waterproof material that is both technical and durable.

Berg Shell


Bergshell has been exclusively developed for Fjällräven and made from recycled nylon, coated with a TPU laminate and treated with PVC-free impregnation. The material has durable construction that prevents wear and tear.

Berghell is used for the mountaineering backpack, Bergtagen 38, two trekking backpacks – the Keb 52 and Keb 72 – and a line of bags for every day (Ülvo), including a rolltop solution – the Ülvo Rolltop – and a modern hip bag (also over wear the shoulder), the Ülvo Hip Pack in the sizes large or medium.

Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38

Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
I have practiced a multitude of sports since my youth to the present. My first sports as a child were judo and athletics. Cycling, hiking, mountain biking, kyokushin karate, diving, baseball, golf and windsurfing, rowing and krav maga were added later.

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