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Mammut’s goals it to stand for safety and innovation. It is one of the oldest outdoor brands in the world and has become a determining brand in mountain sports and beyond. From the Swiss Alps, designers work together with, athletes, mountain guides, and lovers of alpine sport.

Mammut has a solid foundation in the field of clothing and climbing equipemetnt and has expanded in recent years into the field of hiking boots, mountain shoes, sleeping bags and backpacks.

In 2012, Mammut celebrated its 150th anniversary with the intention to continue to design and produce high-quality outdoor products for the next 150 years.

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In the beginning..

Het 1943 geïntroduceerde Mammut merk

In 1862 Kaspar Tanner started to run hemp ropes for industrial purposes. The first rope was called Mammut because it was so strong. And so the company name was created. So basically, the basis for the brand was set to provide industrial top quality.

In 1943, the Mammut brand was introduced in combination with a mammoth, as a symbol of strength and power.

Until 1996, Mammut only made ropes, climbing harnesses and carabiners, but expanded its attention to the snow and outdoor market. For example, Ajungilak (sleeping bags) and Toko (specialist in ski maintenance) were purchased. Raichle was a well-known Swiss ski boot. After going bankrupt, it was bought by the Austrian Kneissl. After four years in Austrian hands, it was taken over by Mammut. The people who worked for Raichle before the bankruptcy still work at Mammut, with all their knowledge en experience. Lucido’s LED technology was also acquired to be able to provide headlamps. Mammut also developed the Barryvox avalanche, together with Ascom.

Since its existence, the brand has always aimed for high quality and functionality, and it is therefore no wonder that Mammut is the most seen brand in the Alps. With very strict quality control, Mammut wants to ensure that you can always rely on the security of its products.

Eiger Extreme 2017

The Eiger Extreme Series 2017 is Mammut’s latest top collection. The fourth generation of this special line.

Extreme products for extreme activities: The entire collection has been completely redesigned in collaboration with athletes of the Mammut Pro team. Abrasion resistant fabric, new pattern technology, and new material combinations aim to meet the strictest requirements and provide maximum protection in the toughest conditions.

Nordwand Pro HS Hooded Jas

Mammut’s aim with the Eiger Extreme Nordwand Pro HS Hooded Jacket is for it to be the perfect companion in the high alpine environments. The Nordwand is made of the strongest version of Gore-Tex Pro shell laminate. This makes the jacket absolutely waterproof and extremely abrasion-resistant. The jacket will also have great breathability. With the use of stretch material, and there high-reach pattern technology, the Mammut Nordwand wants to offer a perfect fit and optimal freedom of movement under the most demanding conditions. The renewed hood construction aims to ensure that you can perfectly adjust the jacket for use with or without a climbing helmet.

The Nordwand Pro features a removable snow skirt on the inside of the jacket. The jacket can be used for a variety of mountain and snow sport activities.

Retail price: € 749,95

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Eigerjoch Advanced IN Hooded Jas

The Eigerjoch Advanced IN (insluation) Hooded Jacket is an extremely lightweight down insulated jacket made for cold days. The Eigerjoch has an excellent heat-weight ratio, and will fit easily in your backpack. The use of high-end materials should offer a lot of warmth where you need it, and breathability in places where you become too warm. This combination of materials is also known as a hybrid construction. High-quality goose down is used in insulating pads to offer superior heat retention and is very easy to compress while at the same time being extremely lightweight. In the hood and under the arms, Primaloft Gold Active is used for optimal moisture transport and freedom of movement.

The lightweight and durable Pertex Quantum outer fabric is equipped with Diamond Fuse technology, which offers excellent abrasion resistance.

Retail price: € 399,95

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Mammut Eiger Extreme Collectie

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From high alpine expeditions to ski tours and ice climbing – the new Eiger Extreme collection offers the perfect product system for extreme scenarios.

Where did we get this knowledge? From the most ambitious athletes in the world. We have worked with them to design, test and improve all products until every last detail truly lives up to our “absolute alpine” motto.

Mammut Absolute Alpine

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Short promotional film in which Mammut presents its history in mountain sports.

Mammut creates premium products ranging from outdoor to alpine. Like no other company, Mammut can credibly claim an absolute alpine characteristic for all products and activities.


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