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Cube stands for good quality bikes for a good price. At the moment Cube is most well known for its mountain bikes, with an “Action Team” that not only participates in the Enduro World Series, but also provides a lot of input for the development of Cube’s growing range of MTB’s. In addition to bicycles, Cube has also been manufacturing clothing, shoes, helmets and bicycle accessories for some time.


Cube was founded in 1993 by Marcus Pürner, then a student, in the furniture factory of his father. On a very modest 50 square meters, Marcus started producing his bikes. Now, many years later, bikes in various categories, from tour bikes to gravel bikes, and from MTB’s to triathlon bikes are manufactured from Waldershof (Bavaria) where Cube now has 55,000 square meters at its disposal. In Waldershof the design, development and assembly line of all bikes takes place. But also the service center, technical support and material and component testing of the bikes is done in Waldershof. On average, in the high season, 2000 bicycles per day leave the Cube production line.

Cube Action Team

In 2011, the Cube Action Team was started to participate in the Enduro World Series. This is a race category in which the endurance of cross-country riding and the speed and aggressiveness of downhill racing meet and produce a rocky and muddy love child. This year guys like Greg Callaghan and Gusti Wildhaber ride for the team. The experience of these Action Team riders adds to the further development of Cube’s enduro bikes. The team also rides on the Stereo, the enduro machine in Cube’s line up.

Cube Stereo

For a number of years, the Cube Stereo has been a part Cube line-up as the bike that can handle the aggressive work. With the knowledge and experience of the Action Team, this bike has been further developed into the full enduro machine that was re-launched in April 2018 under the name Stereo ONE50. We have already reviewed the Stereo in two version before where we found, among other things, a very functional combination of long travel on the suspension with a compact sit. An expression of what you would need to handle technical downhill sections on the one hand, and the power you need to deliver while climbing on the other.

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CUBE Action Team – in action.

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/psj6Vacb5nc”]

Cool after video of the second round of the Enduro World Series 2018 that took place in Manizales, Colombia. You get a nice impression of the abuse enduro bikes have to be able to handle. Long distances, very heavy terrain, strong climbing and technically very difficult descents.

Promovideo Cube Stereo ONE50

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/HwkP239xweY”]

As said, the new and improved Cube Stereo was released in April 2018.We hope to be able to review this soon and are also very curious about how the new bike has become. In the meantime, you can check out our reviews of the Cube Stereo 140 and the Cube Stereo 160 Hybrid.


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