Just before the stoke sets in, when I’m sitting in the chairlift, going up the mountain I take moment to just immerse myself in the feeling of amazement and of being blessed to be in this place, these mountains, stretching out beneath me with gorgeous snow waiting for me. Just looking at it makes me feel so happy, and in a few moments, I’ll be shooting down the mountain. Heaven on earth. And then I always momentarily consider that what I am doing isn’t really helping the mountain itself that much, and what we are doing as mankind, could eventually lessen the chance for my kids to enjoy the same snow I am enjoying now.

Winter sports are not very eco-friendly, to say the least, and yet it is the nature which is our playground. I was really happy to learn of Ride Greener. “RIDE GREENER is an association of avid snowboarders and skiers who promote climate friendly snowboarding and skiing as well as environmentally conscious conduct in the mountains. The advancing global warming and the related negative consequences for the mountains and our sport are causing us great concern. We wish to show how, using simple means, one can minimize his CO2 footprint and stop the trend towards snow-poor winters. After all, we still want to be able to enjoy the snow covered peaks for a long time to come.”

Together with COUPDOEIL FILM, they produced “Steps” a beautiful film, a “journey to the edge of climate change.” In one word, loved it. And you can watch it for free on www.stepsfilm.com If you did like the film (if you love skiing snowboarding and amazing footage I guarantee you will) or you support their cause you can make a donation to the association.

Also featuring great gear by a.o. Patagonia, Völkl, Dakine, Black Diamond, Splitboards for Europe and Mammut. Really great when these brands make these kinds of productions possible. Having watched the movie (and donated of course 😉 ) its clear you don’t need helicopters or snowmobiles to make a really cool an important film, with amazing athletes and just all out incredible footage.


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